European etching of the 18th century from the collection of the Ekaterinburg museum of fine arts

There are more than 200 European engravings of 16th-19th centuries in the collection of the Ekaterinburg museum of Fine Arts. Unlike paintings and sculpture, engravings could not be on display all the time, so most of the time engravings hidden in the museum funds. In the meantime, old European engravings and lithography were among the first exhibits in the Sverdlovsk picture gallery (first name of the Ekaterinburg museum of Fine arts).

Another fund exhibition shed light on the history of the formation of collection of the European engraving in Ural region. Two European schools from 18th century presented to the citizens and guest of Ekaterinburg – Augsburg and Venetian.
There are 47 lists made in the etching technique on the exhibition. They allow to get acquainted with several generations of Augsburg and Venetian masters and get an idea about genre diversity of published engravings in this period of time. 

The curator of the exhibition is Olga Permyakova, the of the foreign art sector

05 April 2019 - 26 May 2019

Voyevodina str., 5

full price 250 rubles


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